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We are fully Australian owned and operated.

Our experienced team of finance brokers are immersed in Australia’s lending industry.
We’ve got the contacts and the know-how to find you the best deal on the loan you want.

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Are you looking for a car loan? A home loan? Equipment loan? Boat or caravan loan? Or are you looking to refinance your existing loans and debts?

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We’ll make sure you don’t get caught out with excess fees and interest. How? We’ll search and compare over 25 car and equipment lenders and close to 60 home lenders. At no cost to you, we’ll source the lowest cost lending option that you qualify for.

Declined for a loan?

We love a challenge!

If you have heard “No!” from the bank or motor dealers, we specialise in credit solutions for credit impaired applicants.

The iChallenge team will fight for your approval with the lender that will suit your requirements at the lowest repayments possible.

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Talk to iChallenge about same-day approval. There are so many loans that our expert team can help you secure. If it’s not listed below – iChallenge us!

Home Loans

  • Owner Occupied
  • Investment
  • Low Doc (Self Employed)
  • Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Credit Impaired

Car Loans

  • Private Sales
  • Dealer Sales
  • Consumer Loans
  • Business / Commercial
  • Chattel Mortgage / Hire Purchase
  • Leasing

Other Loans

  • Personal Loans
  • Equipment Loans
  • Boats / Caravans
  • Trucks / Motorbikes
  • IT Equipment
  • Anything else? Just ask.

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